When Was the Last Time You Enjoyed Your Own Party?

It’s 4:00 and you’re still in your sweatpants and t-shirt and it’s your third trip to the grocery store for something you forgot.  “I still have two more hours” you say to yourself as you hustle to the car.  But you still have to shower and change, feed the kids, get the appetizers ready to heat, chill the wine…You’re exhausted already.   The doorbell rings promptly at 6 pm and the guests follow you into the kitchen.  “Can we help?”,  “Did I tell you the latest about my neighbor?” ,“Where can I put these coats?”  You try to hold a conversation but are completely distracted by thought of “what time did I put the roast in the oven?”, “I still have to steam the veggies and I know I am forgetting something…”

Everyone is enjoying themselves as you get up and down from the dinner table to serve your guests.  By the time you finally get to sit and eat, your meal is cold.   At the end of the evening you are pleased that everyone had a good time, but then you spy the kitchen…more work…dishes piled up, pans to scrub and the trash to be emptied.   It will have to wait until tomorrow….

Wouldn’t this be nice….

It’s 5:00 and you leisurely get ready slipping into that little black dress that you’ve been dying to wear and looking forward to seeing your dear old friends.  The doorbell rings at 6 pm and you greet your guests as a waiter offers them grilled baby lamb chops and a glass of chardonnay.  Laughter and conversation is all around as your dinner is being served by your own private chef.  “It is delicious!” they all tell you.   A beautiful seasonal salad with pear and pecans, tender filet mignon with roasted potatoes and fresh asparagus followed by homemade chocolate cake.  As you relax and enjoy the evening, your kitchen is being cleaned, the leftovers are packaged for you and the trash is being removed.  Your dinner party was a huge success and this time, you had fun!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to throw a great party with little effort?  And even better to have one of Cape May’s most prominent chefs create a beautiful menu and take care of every detail for you? Chef Guy Portewig, formally of Cucina Rosa Restaurant, can do all of this for you.  From the elegant dinner party to the backyard barbeque; be it a business gathering or girl’s night out, your guests will dine on delicious food prepared by your own private chef.  Guy and his staff will do it all– even dressing the table complete with china and floral arrangements.

While it may seem decadent to have your own private chef, aren’t you worth it?  It’s time for you to enjoy your own party!

Contact Guy to discuss how your next party will be one that your friends will rave about!